Sunday, 7 June 2009

Celtic Tree Astrology

The Celts were an ancient Indo-European people whose culture spread rapidly across Europe from the British Isle and Northern Spain to the Black Sea coasts and Galatia (modern Turkey).

These were courageous, quite fierce people and yet also known for their fine arts, music, poetry and philosophy. They were fond of feasting and celebration and were also highly ritualistic and religious. They regarded their laws and spiritual disciplines as sacred and these were passed down orally by the Druid priests.
Druid Trees and Celtic Astrology

The Druids were well schooled in magic, astronomy and astrology. They were in tune with the magical powers of plants and animals. The Oak tree was sacred to the Celts and often they conducted their religious rituals in oak groves.

The ancient Celtic Tree Calendar assigns certain trees to people depending on the date they were born. The Celts believed that the human race originally descended from trees and the mystical qualities of each tree where shared with those born at certain times of the year.

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